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    Pepakura Designer and YOU


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    Pepakura Designer and YOU

    Post  Decade on Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:43 pm

    Welcome to the pepakura designer thread! This is so you get the basic rundow of how to use the program and get started on your armor! If you haven't already, please download Pepakura Designer 3 HERE
    You can get it for free, but it WILL be a pain to layout parts and scale over and over again with no save function.
    The full version is around $45 with tax BUT OH SO WORTH IT!


    Lets say you have a 3d model already in one of PEP's many readable formats, like oh I dunno, Kamen Rider Hibiki's helmet.
    It should look like this when opened in PEP....

    Now that we have it in PEP we need to unfold it
    Click Unfold and make sure the box next to Auto is NOT checked.

    Now the scaling prompt should show up. Type in your scale (If you don't know the armor scale check the scaling thread HERE) and type in the height.

    Now Im sure you like "OH GOD WHAT IS THAT OVER THERE?"
    Relax you spaz, it's just the 3d model smushed down on to the paper so you can cut it out and reassemble!
    Oh but whats this? Its still in one piece? Yep it is, so now it's time to introduce the Move tool(Ctrl+M,Rotate tool(Ctrl+R),and the Divide/Connect face tool(Ctrl+N)

    The move tool moves parts, rotate tool brings up the red circles that you use to rotate the part to fit the page.

    But what about the Divide tool?
    You use it to separate and join pieces. If the line is RED then It can be joined with the other corresponding face. If it isGREEN then it can be separated into 2 different parts.

    Now use your tools to put pieces on pages!

    Now this is kinda low def, huh?
    Lets make it a bit smother so you don't have to sand as much!
    click the Icon that looks like red blue and green pencils. a window should pop up with a slider. move the slider downt to where there are less fold lines, but still some for the high detail parts.

    See? Much smoother!
    Now for the last steps.
    Look under 2D MENU and see if show flaps ans show edge ID are checked if not then check 'em

    Now for the LAST STEP!
    Save if you have the full version, Print and you're done! If you need a back up of the unfold, scan it back into the computer OR
    If you want me to, I'll do unfolds for a small fee and I'll edit it as many times as you need after the small fee is payed. Hey I gotta make some cash! Razz
    Good luck and happy Pepping!

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    Re: Pepakura Designer and YOU

    Post  TK6189 on Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:47 pm

    Thanks for this awesome tutorial Decade.

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