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    Board Rules and Guildelines Empty Board Rules and Guildelines

    Post  TK6189 on Fri Oct 08, 2010 8:41 pm

    This thread will be the comprehensive rules list for this forum. READ IT

    The first and foremost rule of this board is that it is for POSITIVE costume and prop discussion. Thats not to say criticism is not welcome but lets keep it constructive. I don't want to see any threads about how a certain cosplayer is mean or dumb or anything else. The same goes for praise threads, they will be deleted. We're not here to tear people down or inflate egos. We're simply here to work on costumes and support each other as costumers and prop makers.

    The other obvious thing is that this is going to be a board that is viewable to members of all ages so please keep the board content suitable as such.

    A violation of the following global rules may result in a ban but will result in deletion of the offending content:

    1.Be Positive and Productive
    2.Board content will be suitable for all ages (15+)

    That being said I want to keep this place less Nazi controlled Germany and more Willy Wonka's Factory. Lets have fun and be creative.

    Costuming is serious business clause: I know that not all members of this forum are going to have the same level of skill. However, I feel that it should be each of our personal goals to make the very best costumes and props that we can. Criticism will be given on this forum. It's not an attack on you as a person or the hard work you put into your projects. It's simply the members of this community trying to help you strive towards being the best you can. With that in mind when you give criticism do your best to suggest methods to correct what it is that you feel is off with someones work. Comments such as "This sucks" where no real criticism or suggestions are given will result in administrative action, and most likely a ban.
    More rules may be added to this list as time goes on or the moderation staff feels the need.

    Basic Outiline for Progress Thread   There are a few simple guidelines to follow when creating a progress thread:
    The first post should consist of the name of the character or costume and a reference image or two followed by any progress on the project you've made to date. Try to keep these images to a medium size so that your thread wont take forever to load.
    If you have any questions or are stuck on a part of the costume also note these in the first post.
    Thats it! Now go work on that costume! 

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